Coffee maker grinder only drawback

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Coffee maker grinder main reason for existence is because of one thing -fresh coffee. Because of coffee drinkers quest for fresher coffee, that companies decided to install a grinder together with the coffee machine.

There is no doubt that coffee maker grinder has its plus point, in fact there would be tons of articles saying how good it is to have a coffee brewer that comes with a grinder. You can grind your beans then send it to brew, can you imagine how fresh your coffee would be?

But, if it is so good, one would think that would be the end of the usual coffee grinders right? Why would people still buy those stand along coffee grinder if you can get one that comes with your favorite coffee machine.

Now, when you have a grinder that comes together with a coffee machine, you would encounter several issues, the first thing that you would note is the size. This machine is usually very big, and no matter how they try to compress it, it is still bigger than the usual drip filter coffee maker (note that I am not even comparing it with the single serve coffee maker).


But, size is not what we are worried about. When we want to have a grinder together with coffee maker, we want the freshest coffee that we can find. So, we are very particular about the quality of the brew.

When it comes to grinding, the weight of the grinder is important. It is one of the element that determines the consistency and evenness of the coffee ground. And you would note that a grinder that is part of the coffee maker is lighter than those stand alone grinder.

Moreover, there is a limit to the grinding capability that you can insert into a coffee maker grinder, this is because the focus is still first an foremost on the coffee maker rather than the grinder.

So, while it is a good to have. If you are really looking for top quality coffee ground, my recommendation is to go for stand alone coffee grinder.


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