Lello -More Than a Coffee Maker with Grinder!!

Many coffee maker customers prefer to buy a coffee maker with grinder. This is because this kind of coffee machine has a great benefit and advantages to offer.

One advantage of it is that it does not require you to buy another unit for grinding the coffee beans. With this, you can really save a lot of money.

Another advantage that this kind of coffee maker can offer is that it lessens your effort in cleaning up.

This is because there is no need for you to scoop the coffee grounds to put in the filter basket. The machine will do these things alone.

One good example coffee maker with grinder is the Lello 45920 Ariete cafe aroma deluxe espresso/cappuccino maker with a built in coffee grinder.


Ever wish that you have a starbucks espresso machine at home so that you can make the different variety of espresso beverages at home too?

Well, the fact is you do not need sophisticated machine or complicated steps to make the espresso beverages, check out the free ebook "What is an espresso?" for more details


This coffee machine is really very popular because of its built-in burr grinder. You are assured that the coffee grounds you are to get are really fresh. You can get a rich and flavorful coffee with this machine.

This coffee maker is powered by 1150 watt and it has a 15 bar pressure system. With this pressure, the espresso it produces has a power steam and perfect crema for your frothy drinks.

The espresso is really perfect and outstanding. This coffee maker is ideal to the people who love to drink espresso coffee ever day.

Lello 45920 Ariete cafe aroma deluxe espresso/cappuccino maker has an anti-drip valve and a self-priming system. This feature will help you reduce coffee spillage. With this, you won’t have to clean a lot of mess.

Other features of these coffee maker with grinder includes: a cup-warming plate, hot water for tea, an easy-to-read boiler temperature, Easy to use operation with "ready steam" lights, high quality push buttons and filter holder, on/off indicators, and removable drip trays for fast cleanup.

Lello 45920 Ariete cafe aroma deluxe espresso/cappuccino maker come with an Anthracite Gray color with valuable chrome-plated metal finishes.

This color really makes the coffee maker attractive and beautiful. The coffee maker can also serve as an additional décor in your kitchen.

You can buy this coffee maker with grinder in a very reasonable price. You can purchase it on your local home appliance stores or even on the Internet as long as you have access on it.

Amazpon.com is one of the best online stores that you can visit if you want to buy it.

Lello 45920 Ariete cafe aroma deluxe espresso/cappuccino maker is not only just a coffee maker, but it is more than a coffee maker with grinder.

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