Conical burr coffee grinder is better because it is slow

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Conical burr coffee grinder is better than the other one that is the burr grinder family. For those that are in the know, it would be the wheel burr grinder.

We know that burr does a better job at grinding when compare to the blade grinder. But, do you also know that for those that are very particular about the coffee flavor, they would only go for conical burr coffee grinder?

The interesting thing is the conical burr is more expensive that a wheel burr, so we know that pricing has nothing to do with the popularity of the conical burr, rather it is the quality which they are able to deliver.

The reason for the low popularity of the wheel burr is their speed -they are too fast! Almost in all coffee producing operation, speed is critical, and most of us want it fast.

And usually fast is better because we know that coffee loses its flavor in the matters of minutes. But, for grinding, speed would actually be counter productive.


The grinding burrs for a conical burr grinder is very fast, it can spin up to 20 000 rpm, and when you have that sort of speed, there is heat generated. A great amount of heat.

And we know that heat is the nemesis to the flavor and aroma of roasted coffee beans. The heat would cause chemical reaction that would lead to a lose of coffee flavornoids.

Moreover, other than large amount of heat, these wheel burr grinder is also very noisy, definitely not a thing you want to wake up to.

Conical burr coffee grinder on the other hand, is very much slower, going at below 500 rpm. The design of the steel burrs and the high gear ratio allows the grinder to spin at a reduce speed.

And of course, there is very much lesser heat generated from the conical burr -the main reason of its popularity between coffee lovers.

Now, you would agree with me that for this particular coffee operation, you would want it slow, and slow is good...


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