Get Kitchen Aid Coffee Grinder if you want starbucks quality ground!

Kitchen aid coffee grinder, Pro Line is heavy, at about 10 pounds. And it is quite big so likely to take up some counter space. But, it is also very big on its capability!

She is one of those machine that you would get if you are looking forward to Starbucks super fine grind for espresso. While, most grinder boast of its settings from coarse to fine, Kitchen aid is one of those that can actually achieve the super fine!

This Pro Line Burr coffee grinder has all the great functions. Its heaviness and size underline its sturdiness. This fellow is not make of plastic as in most models, is make up of mainly metal. Durability becomes its first value add.

Currently, most grinder uses gear down motor to reduce the grinding friction, so as to prevent burning the ground. And, of course Kitchen aid coffee grinder comes with this function and more.

Because it's housing is metal,so the covering and shell of this grinder further muffle the little noise that this coffee grinder generates. Making it one of the quietest grinding machine around.

Sometimes, technology becomes a burden, ever been bother by countless beeping sound? The beep to top up beans, beep to collect ground etc. Well, this Pro Line, Kitchen aid coffee grinder comes with none of this, quietness is another value add.

A big plus for consumer like us, and listed under the Pro Line product features, is a 2 year hassle free replacement warranty. Of course, after taking a physical look at this machine, you would agree that breaking down is simply not one its function, but regardless, you have a 2 year warrant as assurance.

Before moving on to some common complaints, a strong feature that make the Pro Line coffee grinder so good is the motor. Do not take my word, prior to buying (if you are getting from retailer), switch it on and hear the motor sound, the low rumbling highlight the quality of the motor. In consumer electronics such this, motor is the heart to everything, and this Kitchen aid coffee grinder has a good heart!

Complaints, so what are the common grouses? First, some complain that the thin glass grind container. On that, I say that is being picky -there are no reports of it breaking, so why worry?

Next, there are some feedback that beans would hang on to the rim of the grinder. You can try this, a few nudge on the grinder is all it takes to knock the beans loose. Hmm, so not really a concern.

Now, this last feedback on this Kitchen aid coffee grinder is difficult to refute. It is costly. Seriously, at close to $500, and just using it to grind beans, it is really on the high side.

But, if it is quality that you are looking for, i.e. Starbucks quality, and something that can either last forever or for a very long time, the initial investment should be well worth it.


Anyway, coffee making is part of the coffee experience and you cannot really put a price tag to it, as long as it gives you the "feel" that you seek, it is more than worth it.

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