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Here it is not about coffee grinders but the coffee grinder maker. I just feel like, so much was written about the tools but there was nothing written on the companies that make these tools, so here is an article on them.

Grinding coffee has been so part of the coffee culture that there are hundreds if not thousands of good coffee grinder maker around, but for these articles I chose one that I like (as usual, I am biased).

The coffee grinder company that I think is definitely one that is trustable is rancilio. I used a few factors to evaluate this. The first is heritage, second is the growth and third is the popularity.

On the factor of heritage, rancilio is started in 1927, when they started the "officine meccaniche RR", reputed to be the first coffee making machine in the market.

Then, they have been growing at a steady pace, leading to the acquisition of ergo coffee machine (25% of share) in 2006.


Their popularity is seen in their usage in many large coffee chains, including the international coffee chain spinelli. Still on the subject of popularity, this coffee machine has a few very popular models such as he z8 and the z9 since the 60's and the 70's respectively.

Now, some of you might not think that great coffee grinder has anything to do with the coffee grinder maker, but here is something to think about: the strength of the company determines the money that it would spend on R&D.

That money in terms shaped the products that they would launched in the market. SO, how do we know if a company is strong or established? Well, by the three factors that I have highlighted above.

Nestle that owns Nescafe is still the world's largest roaster, and well there are a lot of factors involved, one of it is their ability to spend billions of R&D (they are still trying to make freeze dried coffee taste like R&G).

Anyway, hope this would assist you to find a good grinder that would brew you some great coffee!


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