Brew pots are another factor to good coffee.

The condition of our brew pots does affect the quality of our coffee. It’s a simple formula, really. Well maintained coffee pots produce great quality coffee, and so poorly maintained ones produce terrible coffee. Here are some hints that your coffee pot may no longer be in tip-top shape and what to do with them:

Dirt and Stains. Dirty brew pots leave an unpleasant after taste on your coffee. The thicker the sedimentation embedded in your pot the more prominent the terrible after taste will become.

Regularly cleaning your coffee pot will help reduce the buildup of stain and residue. Just make sure to rinse it very well after washing. Residue from your coffee pot cleaner could also affect the flavor of your coffee.


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Cracks. Once brew pots are cracked, there is really no other option but to replace them. They’ve served their purpose, let them rest in peace.

Insisting on using them will only result to spoiled coffee because air can already seep in through the cracks-this would be particularly crucial for those using vacuum pots. Much worse, bits of broken glass can get into your coffee as the cracks worsen until the coffee pot eventually breaks apart.


Replacement pots are easy to find; just make sure to choose an inexpensive yet of good quality model that suits your brew coffeemaker. Mr Coffee pots perhaps may not live up to such qualifications based on consistent negative reviews regarding its quality, then again, they do have another advantage -very economical pricing.

If your pot hasn’t cracked yet, then, good for you. Continue taking good care of it and you won’t have to buy a replacement anytime soon. Remember, drastic change in temperature may cause your glass pot to crack. Wait for it to cool completely before washing.

The quality of your coffee can also be affected by the type of pot you are using.

Thermal pots continue to grow in popularity as a better partner for coffeemakers because of its ability to keep coffee fresh and hot longer.

This is in comparison to regular glass coffee pots that depends on a heating plate to keep coffee warm. Glass pots on heating plates aren’t very effective in keeping coffee hot for a long period of time, plus the exposure of the coffee to heat from the plate gives it a burnt and bitter taste.

The type of coffee pot you’re using, how you use and care for it, all influences the flavor of your coffee. After all, a coffeemaker doesn’t make good quality coffee on its own, it always comes with a coffee pot.


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