Why no pot coffee makers are good?

I am making a bold stand by saying that no pot coffee makers are good. This is because each appliance and each appliance brand has its design advantages as well as its design disadvantages.

Whether we are considering the design features of the Princess multi grill, the ease of use of the Princess popcorn maker, or the pros and cons of the Princess coffee maker, each person has his or her own preferences. Similarly, there is a lot of debate amongst coffee lovers about the merits of the coffee pot.

There is a substantial debate amongst coffee lovers as to the value of the no pot coffee makers. Coffee makers without coffee pot are those types of coffee machines that use a pre packed cartridge to produce a single serve of coffee.


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Those coffee lovers who are against the no pot coffee brewer state that the single serve machines make it very difficult to serve coffee to more than one person at a time.

The fact that the machine has to be reloaded after every session makes its time consuming and expensive. Those that advocate the use of the coffee makers without pots do so on the basis of the wastage that occurs when a pot of coffee stands for too long on the hot plate of the coffee maker and burns the coffee.


A valid argument would be to invest in a thermal coffee pot which would keep the fresh coffee warm independent from the hot plate. The no pot coffee brewer faction counters with the argument that the single serve coffee makers also allow for a greater variety that can be offered to one’s guests.

Companies like Keurig and Tassimo offer a large range of coffee cartridges to the public. If you have a selection of these at home, you are able to offer your guests more than one type of what beverage. This versatility is seen as one of the strongest arguments in favor of the no pot coffee makers.

As with so many other things, the costs involved are a factor that needs to be taken seriously. The price difference between a traditional coffee maker and a no pot coffee maker is important.

The subsequent costs of coffee, either as grounds in a packet or as ingredients of a single serve cartridge, have to be kept in mind as well. Ultimately the decision will rest on the individual preference of the coffee lover. To my mind the versatility of the no pot coffee maker has the edge over the traditional coffee making machines.


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