Clean coffee pot with vinegar is easy

Why does one bother to clean coffee pot with vinegar? Over time one develops an attachment to one’s favorite kitchen appliances. This affection is a product of many hours of use of this appliance.

Coffee lovers will know how they feel about their favorite coffee makers. As time goes by any appliance will begin to show signs of wear and tear. This will apply especially to a coffee pot. Over time the coffee pot will show signs of use. The most obvious signs are the coffee stains. There is no secret in knowing how to clean a coffee pot.

You can get a clean coffee pot with vinegar. Owing to the acidic nature of vinegar it is an easy and environmentally responsible and friendly way to get a clean coffee pot. One could of course use a chemical coffee pot cleaner.


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However, it is quite easy once you know how to clean a coffee pot with vinegar. The vinegar need not be diluted. Depending on the severity of the coffee stains, the vinegar might have to stand in the coffee pot for some time.

For light stains the vinegar can be used as one would use a detergent. A fair amount of scrubbing will remove most coffee stains. The more resistant coffee stains will require an added effort.


The vinegar will have to stand in the coffee pot in an undiluted state. After approximately 24 hours the vinegar can be poured out and a normal pot scourer should be able to remove the stains. That is how you can get a clean coffee pot with vinegar. The same would apply to a coffee maker.

Vinegar can also be used to remove deposits in the coffee machine. It is a simple way how to clean a coffee maker. The vinegar and water solution need to move through the coffee maker just as if one were making coffee. Depending on the last time when such a cleaning action was undertaken, it might be necessary to repeat the process.

Above all, the most important thing to do when using vinegar to clean a coffee pot or cleaning a coffee maker is the rinsing their after. There is nothing worse than the taste of coffee tainted with vinegar.

It is quite easy to avoid this situation. The secret lies in the repeated and thorough rinsing of the coffee pot and the repeated run of water through the coffee maker.

This will ensure that every last part of the vinegar is removed from the coffee maker or the coffee pot. The coffee will then be enjoyable thereafter.


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