Starbucks coffee pot is special?

Many people wonder what exactly it is that goes into a Starbucks coffee pot; besides coffee of course.

Starbucks has become a household name synonymous with coffee. Good coffee at that too. A lot of time and effort could be invested into researching why Starbucks coffee is so successful.

The popularity and fame of Starbucks coffee is most probably a combination of a variety of factors. Bigelow Tea is a company that has become very well known for the range of teas it has on offer.

Its herbal tea might well be excellent, but the reputation of the company has been built on the range of products on offer. The same could be said about Starbucks coffee.


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It is not only the Starbucks Barista which makes the espresso Starbucks has become famous for that has made the company the success of day.

It is a combination of product and service that persuade people to return for their favorite form of coffee time and again. It most certainly is not a secret ingredient inside the Starbucks coffee pot.

In fact one can use any old coffee pot that is clean to make good coffee. Far more important than any famous brand coffee pot is a thermal coffee pot.

Even the best Starbucks pot will not be able to keep coffee hot for as long as a thermal coffee pot can. There is nothing as sad or as wasteful as cold coffee.

Even desperate attempts to heat it in a microwave oven will not be able to resuscitate the flavor and aroma of hot coffee.

Coffee that has been sitting on a warmer plate for too long will soon develop that typical burnt coffee taste regardless of whether it is sitting in a Starbucks pot or not.

The Starbucks coffee pot and its content in the end represent the final coming together of a variety of factors that make this a very successful company.

If you are looking for a similar taste in coffee, you do not have to go out and purchase a Starbucks coffee pot. A similar taste can be obtained using your kitchen coffee maker and keeping the coffee hot in a thermal carafe.

Of course it will be very hard to replicate the atmosphere of a Starbucks within your home! But that should not deter you from trying to capture that special coffee experience and flavor.


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