Melitta coffee pot is actually this

What would you think a melitta coffee pot is? Just an ordinary coffee pot?

There are many misconceptions based on the assumption that you one refers to something by name we all know what is being spoken about.

If you refer to an Italian sports car, many will assume it is the brand characterized by the prancing horse in its logo. But that need not be the case. There are many other types of Italian sports car manufacturers.

The above also applies when one refers to the Melitta coffee pot.

What they are actually referring to is the Melitta single serve coffee maker known as the Melitta One. This is an efficient single serve Melitta coffee pot that is best at brewing coffee.


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It is able to use the pods that are available on the market, especially in the rereleased range thereof.

It can now hold the standard sized pods which means that there is world of coffee aroma and coffee brew delight available to the owners of this Melitta coffee pot.

There is surely no debate on the delight that the aroma of brewing coffee creates. Melitta themselves have released an exciting extension to the coffee pod range with flavors such as pecan nut pie and crème brulee.

These are new areas of coffee aroma and flavor that need to be discovered. This goes way beyond anything the traditional French press coffee can provide.

A whole new dimension can be added to the enjoyment of the coffee experience. The aroma of these flavors emanating from your Melitta coffee carafe will set the mood for an enjoyable experience.

The fact that this is a single serve machine will make it difficult to share this experience with many other people in a short space of time.

It is designed more for the intimate sharing of coffee experiences. Coffee enjoyment can be a very personal and intimate experience. This particular Melitta pot might be as well known as the more famous brand name coffee pots.

That does not mean that it is no good. Quite the contrary. The upgraded versions can now accommodate the standard coffee pod which adds immense range to the possible coffee experiences.

This particular misunderstanding is an insider’s tip. The Melitta pot is an undiscovered gem which retails at a reasonable price and provides as good a service as the top of the price range single serve coffee machines do.

It looks good, it works good and it makes good coffee. What more do you really need?


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