Dip it coffee pot cleaner is what I prefer.

Dip it coffee pot cleaner is a product that would steer you towards better quality of coffee. It is not an instruction manual on how to brew coffee, it is a coffee pot cleaner.

The continuous use of coffee pots without regular washing will cause stains to accumulate and eventually affect the taste of our brewed coffee.

Cleaning a coffee pot can be quite a chore especially if stains have already built-up. This would not be a problem if we make it a point from day one to wash our coffee pots after every use.

But since most coffee makers are used several times throughout the day, washing it each and every time could be quite an inconvenience. The most frequent we can afford to wash our coffee pots perhaps is on a weekly basis.


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Still, even then, stains can build-up. What more if we wash our coffee pots on a monthly basis.

Warm soapy water paired with vigorous brushing may actually do the trick of removing stains. It can be quite a strain on the arm, though, aside from the fact that it may also leave unsightly scratches on delicate glass coffee pots.

The only solution to this is to use a potent coffee pot cleaner. One that is able to effectively remove stains without us having to labor too much and risk ruining our coffee pots. The Dip It coffee pot cleaner is just right product for this type of job.

The Dip It coffee pot cleaner is very effective and easy to use. By simply immersing your coffee pot in hot water mixed with Dip It cleaner it effectively removes coffee stains and oils. You can even use it for your teapot, thermos bottle, and percolator.


Dip It coffee pot cleaner actually goes by the name DIP-IT® Food & Beverage Stain Remover. As the name implies, it removes food and beverage stains from a variety of materials such as metal, porcelain, plastic and glass.

Just as much as coffee stains and oils can build-up on our coffee pots, water deposits such as lime and calcium can build-up in the water reservoir of our coffee makers. These, too, affects the quality and taste of our coffee and it also prolongs brewing time.

Dip It also has a product suitable for use in cleaning a coffee maker - the DIP-IT® Automatic Drip Coffee Maker Cleaner. It effectively dissolves and removes the build-up of coffee bean oils and water deposits found in automatic drip coffee makers.

With proper maintenance of our coffee pots and coffee maker there’s no way that we can’t enjoy a good quality cup of freshly brewed coffee everyday. Thanks to the Dip It cleaner, maintaining our coffee pots in top condition is no hassle.


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