The thermal carafe is the reason for the popularity of this Zojirushi

Thermal carafe is yet another variable in the equation for better coffee.The world of the coffee lover is filled with a number of uncertainties. There are so many variables that play a role in the making of decent coffee.

The degree of grind, the proportion of water to coffee grounds, the temperature of the water as it percolates through the grounds; all these are some of the variables that make the process of making good coffee challenging and exciting.

However, the one thing that the world over generates dismay is when the carafe of good coffee spoils because of the hot plate.

In this context, the thermal carafe has become an essential component for those coffee lovers who do not want to or are not able to finish a coffee carafe of coffee in the time before it spoils.


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Essentially the thermal coffee pot, be it a stainless steel carafe or any other form of insulated carafe is the answer.

The thermal carafe from the Zojirushi EC-BD15 could well be regarded as the king of thermal coffee pot.

Its thermal properties are resounding. The stainless steel carafe is able to hold one and a half litres of hot coffee and keep it at that temperature for a number of hours.

It also looks good so there is not problem in using the Zojirushi thermal coffee pot to serve your coffee with.

Decanting the coffee would defeat the purpose of a thermal pot. The elegant design of this particular thermal coffee pot means that it is very presentable in all sorts of situations.

But what can be done if our coffee maker is still reliable and in good working order but has a glass carafe? One might want to consider a replacement carafe for your coffee machine.

There are a number of manufacturers that will offer replacement carafes, especially thermal pots.

You could try and see whether a Mr Coffee carafe of the thermal kind might fit into your current coffee machine.

The chances of success are slim and it is highly advisable that as an alternative you consider passing on your coffee machine as a gift to someone else and consider purchasing a coffee machine that has an integrated thermal carafe.

Based on the reviews and the number of online stores that stock the Zojirushi EC-BD15 in their product line, the chances are slim that you will go wrong with this particular coffee maker.

It looks good, works well and can be purchased for less than seventy five dollars.


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