Hamilton Beach coffee pot cannot keep it hot

Hamilton beach coffee pot not keeping coffee hot, why is that so?

If there ever was a misleading statement, then the one above must qualify as such. Sure there are one or two Hamilton Beach coffee makers, especially the ones for less than $20.00 that do not look as if they could keep coffee warm in the Sahara.

Overall, the Hamilton Beach appliances seem to be well designed and fairly well priced. This also applies to some of the Hamilton Beach coffee pots.

There is quite an impressive range of coffee making appliances made by Hamilton beach. For me the two most impressive ranges are the Hamilton Beach Stay and Go and the Hamilton Beach Brew Station ranges.

The Stay and Go series is characterized by well designed classy looking coffee makers that have Hamilton Beach coffee pots designed as stainless steel thermal carafes or stainless steel thermal cups in to which the coffee can be brewed. hamilton-beach-coffee-pot The machines look good, come in a range of brew volumes and are able, though the design of the carafes to keep the coffee hot. The Brew Station series is also a novel idea to brew and dispense coffee.

These machines have no pots. That is correct, the Hamilton Beach Brew Station series does not have a Hamilton Beach coffee pot. The coffee is brewed into cups, the thermal kind.

One is able to brew small quantities on the run, so to speak. This eliminates the need to keep larger quantities of coffee hot for longer.

The hot coffee can go straight into a thermal mug and stay fresh and hot for a long time. So much for the assertion that Hamilton Beach cannot keep it hot!

Both the Hamilton Beach Stay and Go appliances as well as the Hamilton Beach Brew Station appliances are able to supply fresh hot coffee in a variety of strengths and flavors as well as hot every time.

Hamilton Beach sells coffee makers at a relatively low price of just less than $20.00. These coffee machines just do not look the part. They appear to be less well designed than their Stay and Go and Brew Station counterparts.

The espresso machines that are manufactured by Hamilton Beach also perpetuate the good design impression that the other ranges have.

They look solid and elegant and would add value to any kitchen in which they were used. With perhaps the exception of a small handful of machines at the lowest end of the Hamilton Beach range of coffee makers, all of the coffee makers seem to be winners.


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