Is thermal coffee carafe worth it?

Thermal coffee carafe is expensive, so it is worth the money? Even so, a lot of coffee drinkers are now replacing their regular coffee pots with thermal carafes.It is said to be more efficient in keeping your coffee hot longer without giving it a burnt or bitter after taste.

Therefore, it is very practical to use because no coffee is wasted and thrown out. Still, there are some who are a bit skeptical regarding its worth and are quite hesitant of making the big switch.

As to the question of whether thermal carafes are really worth all the buzz and rave, this can be proven by conducting a simple experiment:

1) Brew coffee using a dual coffee maker.

2) On one side, let the coffee drip on a regular glass coffee pot; while on the other side to a thermal coffee carafe.

3) Once the brewing process is through, wait for an hour before pouring coffee from both pots.


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The obvious outcome would be that coffee from the thermal coffee carafe remained hot and fresh while coffee from the regular coffee pot got cold and had acquired a bitter after taste.

Wonder what made the difference? This is because a thermal carafe keeps coffee hot through confinement. As long as the heat does not escape the carafe the coffee stays hot.

Whereas, a regular glass coffee pot depends on a heating plate. The heat from the plate keeps the coffee hot, but heat plates don’t stay hot for too long and so the coffee eventually gets cold. More so, the extended exposure of the coffee to the heat from the plate causes it to have a burnt and bitter taste.


So we’ve definitely proven that a thermal carafe is better than a regular coffee pot. Now, here’s the big question. How much does it cost?

When it comes to price, a thermal carafe is usually double the price of a regular coffee carafe which is made of glass, but with a little bit of patience and knack for bargains, it’s easy to find one that’s suits the budget.

My recommendation is to get a good package such as a KitchenAid coffee maker with a thermal coffee carafe can be considered a good buy or you can try a Cuisinart carafe that has a thermal feature instead.

For what it’s worth, a thermal carafe would definitely be a better partner for one’s coffee maker. Its performance really is worth the price you have to pay for, but most of all, it’s worth a good cup of freshly brewed coffee.


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