Coffee maker carafe makes all the difference

Is coffee maker carafe really that important? More on that later. I am sure all of us have seen the usual coffee commercial in which the actors at first inhale the coffee aroma deeply and then enjoy numerous cups of coffee for the duration of the commercial.

I always pity these people because unless there is someone constantly brewing coffee to maintain a fresh and hot supply, the actors are either “enjoying” a substitute liquid that resembles coffee in appearance or the coffee that they are “enjoying” is cold.

We all know that unless you have a decent coffee maker carafe with excellent thermal properties at your disposal it does not take long before the anticipation of a delightfully hot cup of coffee turns to disappointment as the temperature of the brew in the cup turns out to be tepid at best.


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You might invest in the best coffee grind machine from Zojirushi or frantically scour the list of Mr Coffee replacement parts when your machine shows the first faint signs of fatigue and wear and tear; it is all for nought if you do not have a decent coffee maker carafe to keep your coffee hot.

Sure – no coffee carafe is going to keep your coffee hot for ever. There is a significant difference between being able to enjoy your coffee for up to five minutes after the brew is complete or being able to pour a second cup twenty minutes after the brew is complete and still be able to enjoy the coffee at the correct brew temperature.

coffee-maker-carafe Obviously there are some coffee makers that do not have a carafe as part of their design. This makes the storage of coffee slightly more difficult.

If you prefer your coffee French press way then it is difficult to keep the coffee warm for longer unless you dress the French press in “thermal underwear” when you are done pouring or the coffee is decanted into a thermal coffee maker carafe.

That seems a tad tedious. This is also not an issue with any of the one cup coffee makers that use the single serve coffee cartridge system.

There the hot beverage is dispensed directly into the cup or mug. The issue of the thermal qualities of the coffee maker carafe is relevant only for those coffee machines that use a carafe.

Oh, if you are thinking about coffee sitting on a warming plate, it can also be burnt relatively quickly if the temperature of the warming plate is too hot.

Then the coffee might be hot, but one can smell the bitter burnt aroma from quite some distance away. Now, you see why a carafe that is so important right?


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