Stainless Steel Carafe Still Dominated by that Elephant

Stainless steel carafe exists for practicality reason. Sometimes, we create great volume of coffee at a time so we can offer it anytime later.

Unfortunately, it gets cold quickly and the taste and flavor soon will change so it becomes washed out.

If you frequently came across with similar dilemma, then you must think about having a thermal coffee maker for your office or home.

This element that accompanies coffee machine helps in keeping your coffee hot and fresh. You would noticed that it is usually a stainless steel carafe.

Basically, a stainless steel carafe will not break compared to glass carafe. This meant that your probability of replacing it is lower.


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In addition, this carafe is insulated just like the regular thermos. The insulation will make the coffee hot for at least 4 hours (you would not need to make a new pot of coffee everytime).

Your coffee will keep its hotness and freshness from the very first time that it was prepared. The flavor is preserved for the reason that the freshness will not fade away with the help of the insulation.

You can select any type that fit best to your need from various companies such as Nissan, Zojirushi, Krups, Emsa, Medelco, Mr. Coffee, Braun carafe and DeLonghi carafe. These companies offer coffee maker which has an integrated stainless steel carafe.

But when it comes to user friendly and of course thermal capability, Zojirushi is still the preferred one.

The Zujirushi thermal carafe has a unique design that preserves the complex, wealthy flavor of your much loved coffee instead of cooking it, as do lots of traditional coffee makers.

Most of the Zujirushi thermal coffee makers are programmable, so your coffee will be prepared for you when you come around in the morning, keeping it fresh and hot for few hours.

When the brewing process in Zujirushi thermal coffee maker is complete, the heating component mechanically shuts off, so your coffee stays as perfect as when it was just brewed. It is also easy to maintain and clean because of the pause and serve features.

In the end, all these companies has its own design of stainless steel carafe in their thermal coffee makers but the main reason that makes Zujirushi shine is mainly because of its thermal capability (some reviews state that it can keep coffee hot for up to 8 hours).

Thermal capability for up to 8 hours is great for folks in the office without any coffeemachine, if you are looking to persuade your boss to get one -do check out the link.


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