Just need a drip coffee pot for good coffee

A drip coffee pot is in actual fact a cone that fits on top of glass coffee pot. And Melitta has a ten cup cone filter drip coffee maker which allows the coffee lover to return to his or her “roots.”

The idea of the drip coffee pot is that you fill the cone with your coffee grounds – after you have checked the filter – and then pour hot water over the grounds.

Please note; hot water not boiling water. Boiling water can burn the grounds and make the coffee have a bitter taste even before you start. This manual coffee maker requires the one commodity that is becoming more and more precious in our modern age – time.

You need time to make good coffee with a drip coffee pot. The finer the coffee beans have been ground, the greater the density of the ground is. It follows that the rate at which the hot water will pass through the grounds will vary according to the size of the grind.


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Similarly, in Louisiana, although the coffee pots are different in design, they do the same thing, the water is poured over the grounds using a tablespoon.

This slows the rate of percolation right down and produces a smooth “oily” coffee. If you make a mess of this process you have only yourself to blame.

The speed at which the water is introduced to the drip coffee pot is in your hands entirely. The water must be allowed to percolate naturally through the grinds in the filter basket.

Do not attempt to speed up the process by fiddling with a spoon in the wet grounds. This is a recipe for disaster. If you do not have the time to allow the hot water to move through the grounds naturally then you should not even attempt to make coffee using this method.

All of the manual coffee making methods require time. Even if you use a French press, you need time to allow the coffee grinds to thoroughly mix with the water before you slowly and gently press the plunger down and trap the grounds in the bottom of the pot.

Rushing the process is bound to make the brew weak and grounds will surely escape the edge of the filter if you crash dive the plunger as if it were a submarine. Time is the secret ingredient of all good coffee, regardless of what method you use.


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