Get gourmet coffee vending machine at work place!

To get gourmet coffee vending machine in your office seems like a marketing ploy right? How it is possible to get fresh taste of coffee from those freeze dried or granules format that most vending machine companies uses?

It used to be convenient, but with more sophisticated consumers, companies like FilterFresh are offering gourmet coffee vending machine that dispense freshly brewed coffee.

Their Javanation not allows you to enjoy freshly brewed coffee but it can also brewed specialty coffee like cappuccino, latte and mochaccino. Able to insert how water, you can even brew hot tea from this gourmet coffee vending machine.


All you need to get this gourmet coffee, is simply a dollar. Or, if you company has some welfare program then it would be complimentary from your company.

If you asked me if this type of vending solution is really gourmet coffee, I guess it all depends on your taste profile. If you are looking for something with body and intense then no coffee vending machine could deliver that.

To get the maximum extraction, you need at least a 15 bar pressure. Something, that would cost alot for a vending machine set up. But, still, the body and the taste can almost achieved with a good blend of coffee beans.

Personally, I believe increasing robusta and lowering arabica would give it more body yet retaining the flavor. Sure, you might not know what are the good blends to give the best coffee, but somebody else does.

And if that somebody, happens to run the largest coffee chain in the world, guess you can rest assured that you can get great coffee from them. With the Starbucks interactive cup brewer, it brings gourmet coffee vending machine to the next level.


It allows you, an office worker to enjoy Starbucks' quality coffee in less than 10 steps from your cubicle! The Starbucks vending machine is equivalent to a cafe, allowing you to choose from their house blend to their decaf Sumatra. They also allow you to sip their fame Tazo tea.

By allowing you to dispense Starbucks coffee from vending machine, you cannot deny that vending machine is indeed able to dispense gourmet coffee!

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