Candy vending machine is the one, if you want to enter the vending business

Surprised that candy vending machine is the vending machine that is easiest to help you start this business?

Getting started in the vending business is a lot of hard work. Fact is that many countries have a well established vending machines culture.

Vending machines are not a novelty and that applies to candy vending machine especially. The most popular form of the quick snack will have to be candy.

No one wants a quick toy from a toy vending machine. They want a sweet treat from a candy vending machine. Even vending machine suppliers have come to realize this and promote their candy vending machines robustly.

So why start with a candy machine? The answer is simple; the profit margin is significant.

If you compare between a bulk vending machine that sells beverages from U Turn Vending or a candy machine that by Personal Vending Machines can load up to one thousand gumballs, it is obvious that the latter has an advantage by virtue of the huge number of products that it is able to sell.


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In addition, consider that the gumball costs two cents and sells for twenty five cents. If you reload your machine after eighty percent of the stock has been sold, then you should collect about two hundred dollars. That could well be worth your while. This also save your vending machine route, you do not need to make so many trips.

If you can service two or even three machines in an hour and extract this amount of money from each machine, then the overheads and stock costs are covered relatively quickly. You probably need to do this once in a week, i.e. 2-3 hours of work per week!

Even if the vending machine price is slightly more, you will be able to recover your capital investment in a reasonable amount of time. The advantage that candy vending machines have over soda vending is that the stock does not have to be refrigerated and thus the location costs can be kept down.


Then, there are the speciality vending machines, such as cigarette vending machines that only appeal to a specific sector in the market, candy vending on the other hand can potentially draw customers from all age and all socio economic groups.

Given the stiff competition is some areas in the vending machine business it might also be important that the more modern vending machines are much stylish and smaller machine than the normal food and beverage vending machines, look and feel does matter in this industry.

If you are going to assert yourself in a market where space is at a premium, then perhaps a slender machine that does not take up as much space as other machines might persuade someone to allow you access to a favored location.

If you are lucky your slender and elegant machine could well replace the older and uglier machines, i.e. kick out your competitor. You need to work on obtain a premium location for your new candy vending machine.


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