A coffee vending machine that dispenses roast and ground...

Think coffee vending machine and most of you would associate it with freeze dried format. And most of you would give the disapproving frown on freeze dried format. All coffee lovers know that freeze dried are not good coffee.

It is almost in a "no choice" situation that people would turn to vending machines for their daily coffee dosage. Given a choice, people would not want to drink freeze dried format coffee.

Although freeze dried format are not bad coffee, you can not really tag the title of gourmet coffee to them. While it is true that they undergoes extensive R&D to ensure that every cup delivers the same taste and they can take the harshest conditions and does not turn bad, they are not fresh coffee.


Fresh coffee are coffee that are brewed from grounds that are freshly grind and preferably just roasted. This would allow the brewing to extract the maximum flavor from the coffee beans. It is this aroma that turn many coffee drinkers away from vending machine.

Most of us know that technically, it is difficult to dispense R&G coffee from vending machine. So, what if there is a machine that are able to achieve just that?

That would be the Saeco group 500 free standing. A coffee vending machine that is capable of brewing more than 500 cups of beverage without any top-up. Saeco is well known for its automatic espresso machine and this saeco group 500 can be seen as a larger version of an espresso machine.

Similar to an espresso machine, it has a bean hopper and an internal bean grinder, this ensures that every cup of coffee are brewed from freshly grind beans.

It comes with a mixer and various containers to produce your cappuccino, espresso, latte, long black and macchiato. To ensure the most convenient way of drinking coffee, the cups, sugar and stirrers can all be dispense inside from the coffee vending machine.

There you have it, the convenience of coffee vending machine coupled with the quality of an espresso machine. So, if you are looking for the best of both worlds, then Saeco group 500 free standing has to be the one....

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