Who goes for vending coffee machine?

Well, vending coffee machine generally applies to companies or business owners. Have-a-coffee-on-us

In case you are the owner of any business at present, with economy improving, you might want to spend some money on staff welfare.

If you have considers the amount of time and money spent on staff refreshments by traditional means, a vending coffee machine might be one of the lower costs in terms of expenses.

In fact, a vending machine can save you a lot of money and in some cases require zero percent investment.

Take for an example the time taken by your office members while making coffee, tea or other hot drinks. Also imagine how many times these breaks occur and the time taken to boil the kettle and deliver drinks to employees.

After factoring their wage, benefits, and employer’s tax, you can work out an average cost per cup. Then there are other costs for buying ingredients and cleansing equipments.


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All this will make you realize the real benefits of vending coffee machine.

Now that you have felt the requirement for such a machine, it’s time to know a little more about them. There are varieties of table top vending coffee machine available in the market.

One such machine is Nescafe Lioness H5, whose bulk payment is subsidized or fully paid by the company itself. Therefore, All one needs to do is pay for the coffee and nothing for the coffee machine, Isn’t that great?

Nescafe Lioness H5 specifications are great for any sized office and offers quality taste. It is compact and has an electronic flush system for automatic cleansing.

The machine can supply 8 different flavors and above all, comes from a reckoned brand in coffee business for over 50 years.

One can also get vending machines for purposes other than coffee. Likewise, you have following type of vending machines:

* Soda vending machine * Candy vending machine * Snack vending machine * Drinks vending machine

Above machines are suited for any sized office, store or restaurant. Decide which type and size you want, and there’s always one for you available in the market.


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