These new vending machines are truly amazing

My observation about new vending machines started the other day. That day I was at the airport to pick up a friend who was coming to stay for the weekend.

I had some time and felt like a little something to chew on. I headed to where I knew the airport had a group of snack vending machines and my favorite coffee vending machine.

As I approached the corner I noticed that one of the machines was new. In fact it looked quite cool with its sleek lines and mottled grey finish.

I selected my favorite bag of crisps, dug out my wallet and began digging for coins, when I noticed that this group of new vending machines had a weird coin slot.


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On closer inspection I noticed the sign that said that this new vending system accepted credit cards and or debit cards only. Wow, a cashless vending machines.

It seems that the vending machine business is under going a revolution. If you are going to buy a new vending machine you can choose the cashless ending systems as well.

This obviates the need or coin counters and similar machines to help you in your business. Vending machine suppliers want you to buy vending machines with the new system.


To make the machine work you obviously need more than a power outlet. You need to have a telephone line through which the card reader can send and receive the necessary information.

Whether you want to purchase a soda vending machines or a washing powder vending machine, the use of this technology is on the increase.

Ultimately the idea is to be able to pay for purchases made at new vending machines with your mobile. The concept entails amounts deducted added to your account which is then passed onto the vending machine supplier.

Already vending machines provide more than just snacks. medical vending machines, washing powder vending machines, automotive spare parts vending machines, just to name a few are the new generation of smart vending machine that are coming onto the market.

In this way a specific retails service can be provided around the clock without staff having to claim overtime.


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