Does vending machine company really have good coffee?

Is vending machine company focus on producing good coffee? This might be one of the question that run through your mind as you read and know more about the technology on the freeze dried coffee.

The truth is, production of good coffee is not part of vending machine company's strength, in fact, they probably do not even produce any coffee! The modus operandi is usually a joint venture or strategic alliance with a coffee manufacturer.

For example, we know that Coca Cola is one of the largest vending machine company around. And in the place where I came from (you wanna know where? hint: we only have 1 season all year round), they actually have an alliance with Nestle and from there Coca Cola is able to dispense a variety of beverages.

And it is with such a collaboration that coffee vending machines can (in my opinion) dispense good cuppa. Each party in the collaboration focus on their strengths, similar to Coke and Nestle alliance, around the world, there are other similar partnership, resulting in a good cup of coffee.

Do I really believe that vending machine company would seek to deliver quality coffee? Yes. Simply, because competition are stiff and it is by providing excellent quality would you secure a niche in this intense market.

The fact is the technology of the vending machine company are so advanced -that they even have EDI system that would alert the HQ every time a component is malfunction, so that you would be assure of a hot, aromatic cuppa everytime.

Since the very first commercial coin operated machines was introduced by the vending industry, to dispense post cards in 1880s in London. Vending machines has evolved to cater to the many areas of our lives, dispensing cigars, postcards, stamps etc.

In 1940's, when Vendorlator Manufacturing Company of Fresno California made a series of classic vending machines that mostly sold coca-cola and pepsi and subsequently beverages, coffee has been a regular item that vending machines is dispensing.

Do note that, coffee is not only a regular item but an important one in the vending industry's sales portfolio. In the place where I come from (know the answer yet?), hot mixes which includes coffee, tea and cocoa account for more than 60% sales for most companies including Coca Cola.

Bearing in mind that my area is hot and warm throughout the year, imagine what are the sales figure like in Japan? In Japan, it is estimated that for every 3 Japanese there are 1 vending machine. There have autumn and winter which can get pretty cold pushing up the demand for hot coffee -would the sales not be higher?

In fact, I would think the demand for hot coffee is high as they are the folks that come up with warmer for can coffee (i.e. Nescafe cans). It is a machine where you can choose to have your can of coffee hot or cold.

Okay,so what? Good news for the vending machine company that they have high demand for coffee, what can we look forward to? Back to my thought that demand is high, competition is stiff, so that consumers like us can be assured that quality of the coffee would be high!

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