3 types of office coffee vending machines | 2008

Office coffee vending machines can be fit into 3 main categories. Forget about the drip coffee maker, the French Press or the vacuum coffee maker, they are...well, too complicated to be considered in the vending gene.

To be office coffee vending machines, one have to dispense coffee with a push of button, usually comes with free on loan machines and the entire maintenance are done by supplier of the machines.

Please do not take the brands highlighted here are the best in that category, I simply know them better and well, they are "pretty good" for their category of office coffee vending machines.

I shall term the 3 categories: The R&G, The instant and The twin. Other than the ease of vending machines ease of use, they each comes with different varieties of coffee choice. 

1. The R&G

Although this is not a very common choice, Roast and Ground espresso machines are fast becoming the choice for office coffee vending machines.

Quite a few espresso machine suppliers have also jump on the bandwagon in providing the one button convenience model. Here, we would highlight the JURA range.

Already well known for their coffee making expertise, Jura has taken espresso machines onto the next level with their one button dispensing function. So, with one button, you can make cappuccino, lattes, espresso etc. 

2. The Instant

The instant coffee, especially Nescafe are the pioneers in this market. The very first to capitalize on the coffee vending machine for the offices' market share.

And featuring here, would be the very famous Nestle Lioness H5. With its ability to serve up to 6 variety of different drinks, lower cost structure and branded coffee, they are still a very popular choice for folks looking for coffee in their office.

3. The combi

One of the new kids on the block are coffee machines that are able to dispense R&G coffee as well as instant coffee. This increase flexibility expand the reach in the office.

Often in office, you would some coffee snob in upper management, then you would have your everyday Joe that are comfortable with any coffee.

With the ability to use both ground and instant coffee, basically these machines captured the whole office crowd.

And one of the best in this range are the Bianchi machines. From cappuccino to hot chocolate, this fellow can practically brew any hot beverages!

There you have it, 3 different machines that are having an impact in the office coffee vending machines ' market. For the office market, it is not so much a fit of lifestyle, but rather the budget that are allocated to staff welfare. So, start thinking on how to get more budget!:)

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