Coffee vending machine supplies that lets you enjoys every coffee with ease...

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Is true, coffee vending machine supplies are the magic behind vending machines' ability to brew so many different coffee with a press of buttons.

Regardless, what other coffee makers, i.e. single serve boast about convenience, nothing come close to these commercial coffee maker.

Sure, single serve coffee maker is easy, but you still need to change, switch and clean after every brew. For coffee vending machines, you only need to top up the coffee vending machine supplies once and you can enjoy the coffee and beverages for quite some time (one top up can serve up to 50 cups of coffee, depending on the machine types).


And, there is currently no coffee maker in the world that can provides you with so many options just with a single top up.

Assuming that you have a Lioness H5 table top vending machine. Your coffee vending machine supplies of Nescafe, Milo and Teh Tarik can last you for approximately 50 serves. Then, you can get to choose between cappuccino, espresso, lattes, mocha, Singapore tea (teh Tarik), cocoa drink (Known as Milo), and few more variety just with a push of button.


Then, with the anti-caking agents inside these mixes, the product can freshness stays for up to a week. Every dispensing that you have gives you the same consistent great tasting beverages.

The magic behind all these, as highlighted are in these coffee vending machine supplies. The mixing and matching of these products allows the table top vending machine to produce so many different types of beverages.

For example if you want to drink espresso, lattes, mocha and cappuccino, and you are using Nestle Lioness H5. Then, all you need to purchase is Nescafe, Milo (their own blend of cocoa) and coffee mate.

The machine would mix Milo, Coffee mate and coffee to give you cappuccino, or Milo and coffee to give you mocha. In some machines, you can even varies the sugar level to give you different taste of espresso and long black.

Another question that is probably on many people's mind is the nutritional value of this product. We all know that drinking too much of anything is not good, but at least drinking espresso from the real roast and ground espresso machine is drinking the real thing. coffee-vending-machine-supplies-teh-tarik

But, what about drinking from these coffee vending machine supplies? Are they healthy? You might be very surprised to know most of Nestle vending products are awarded healthier choice by the Singapore government.

A status awarded to food and beverages in Singapore that has attained a certain level of healthy offerings, i.e. less sugar, less salt, less fats etc. So, you should be assured that at least this vending products are not less healthy than their "real thing" roast and ground coffee.

If you asked me if you should get one of these coffee vending machines, this is really up to individual. Although, I cannot deny that the convenience that they provides cannot be rival...

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