Gourmet decaf coffee from vending machines? Yeah, right!

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Gourmet decaf coffee should give you a aromatic full flavored cuppa. So, which cafe can provide you with that experience? What if I tell you, it is from some coffee vending machines down the corner?

Incredible, but true -the technology of freeze dried has progress to a stage where the coffee produced is very close to Roast and Ground (R&G). If you were to drink your decaf coffee from cafe, it would be abit skinny (dilute). But, due to infusion of aroma and special blend, decaf coffee from vending machines can at the right conditions be better than cafe's.

This is mainly due to the blend which after numerous R&D, the vending companies are able to balance the right percentage of Arabica and Robusta to get that full flavor and even insert interesting taste into gourmet decaf coffee.

The reason why your cup of decaf java is watery is mainly due to the process of decaffeination. This is done at the green bean stage.

The green beans are extracted with water, which removes the caffeine as well as some soluble solids. The caffeine is separated from the soluble solids then these solids are reincorporated into green beans -and that is the beans for your gourmet decaf coffee.

The extraction lead to a residual caffeine level of less than 0.1%, and to some taste bud, it would no longer be a good cuppa, more towards the scale of diluted watery coffee.


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Now, that's the process for beans used on your usual coffee makers. For coffee vending machines, the freeze dried goes through 2 stages where aroma are infused, this gives you the strong aroma when hot water touches the granules.

And the body of decaf coffee is build by the blend that comprises of approximately 20% Robusta and the rest Arabica. Of course, beans can accomplished that too. But, in my opinion it is more complete under this freeze dried format.

But the most important reason, is vending machines have make decaf coffee so readily available. Some of you might be fortunate enough to have decaf options being offered via the supermarket aisle. But, trust me -in fact test it! The taste and feel of instant coffee is tad different from vending machine's.

Sure, both are instant and might be the same granules. It might be the anti-caking agent, it might be the system or it could be the 2 stages of aromatisation. But, to me gourmet decaf coffee is possible from vending machines.


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