Can you imagine a world without snack vending machines?

In all likelihood, the first pf the snack vending machines was the gum ball machine. This small device was the grandfather of machines that nowadays provide an essential service in a range of locations.

From the office hallway through to bus stations and airport lounges, the snack vending machines has grown – not only in size but also in sophistication. The link brings you to another type of vending machines

It has come a long way from dispensing a single gum ball at a time. Nowadays a whole range of beverages and foods can be obtained from these vending machines.

Snack machines have come a long way. There are a whole range of machines. Coffee vending machines that will dispense a single cup of your favorite brew.


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Soda vending machines located conveniently at the local sports stadium. Candy vending machines are usually part of a group of machines that are located in airports.

A new development is the growth of combo vending machines. These machines stock a combination of drinks and snacks offering a “on-stop-shop” purchasing point to vending machine customers.

In general the growth in the distribution of vending machines is in all likelihood an expression of our society’s fast paced life.

Whereas people went out at lunchtime during the office day the get lunch and to take time out, lunch has now come to them and time is saved by eating food at the work place.


At this point it would be fair to say that snack vending machines are no longer synonymous with junk food. Many of the vending machine suppliers have recognized the changes that have taken place in society when it comes to our eating habits.

More and more products are being loaded into the vending machines that are healthy. There is also a greater variety of food types, both hot and cold, on offer from either small vending machines or bulk vending machines.

In a society that is becoming more and more obsessed with convenience, the vending machine is becoming a more and more common occurrence. They provide the same “friendly” service time after time, no matter how late the hour.

At a glance you can see what the vending machine has to offer. And you can go back for more without anyone making any comments. The vending machine is providing an ever increasingly important service to travelers, students, businessmen, etc. All these people have come to rely on the presence of these machines at convenient locations.


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