Rip off vending machines would get save you a few dollars, read on and see how you get free coffee for a long long time...

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Rip off vending machines and you would probably enjoy a free coffee or snack. Sure, you can keep on getting free stuff from the vending machines until their change their machines or you were caught by security cameras or something like that. Are you sure just a few cans of coke from ripping coke machines or pop vending machine is worth it?

In fact, for some of you that cannot bear reading, here is a very simple method to rip off vending machines. You insert the coins into the vending machines, hold the release flap up on the bottom of the vending machines (do note that this does not works for cups vending machines).

I understand that many pop machines, espcially coke machine are already upgrading their security on this area, do take note. Moreover, this method does not work for gumball machine and ice cream vending machines.

This would "fool" the vending machines into thinking that it did not dispense your food or drinks. Then, press the coin return button to get your money back. For all these efforts and the danger of getting arrested, you saves about 1 dollar.

What I am going to show you would saves you coffee money for as long as you are working or studying in a location. The whole idea is to save money but for college and companies, there are different strategies to getting the free coffee. Why do something illegal on coca cola machines or some drink vending machine when you can get free drinks legally?


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In college

Now, this is also the place that most students would rip off vending machines and soda machine, for the fun or the free drinks. However, do note that there is always another way of doing things.

This involves some risk and some monetary investment. Round up 2-3 close buddies that share your ideals of getting free drinks. Have them round up a few more buddies. With a size able group of 15-20 folks, pool together a sum of money to order products for a table top vending machine.

Surprise your lecturer by placing the vending machine in their office. This should them, a whole new initiative by the students for the welfare of the lecturers. All of you would definitely be invited for drinks.

Usually, after the first time, the subsequent order of products would be undertaken by the lecturer and of course, all of you would still be welcome to drink from the vending machine. There you have it, free drinks perpetually!

But what about food and other stuff? Well, if you are still thinking about getting free food from snack vending machines or even cute collectibles from toy vending machines, forget about this article, be prepared to be caught anytime when you are "working" on that coke or pepsi vending machine!

So, how sure am I that, this would works? Well, work your maths, the probability of you getting caught ripping off some soda vending machine is zero, and if this does not get you free drinks, at least it gets you brownie points from the lecturer, ensuring a smooth stay in your college right?


If you are working, then you have to depend on your boss. At this age, you probably would rip off vending machines but be grumbling about the high cost of living. Well, tell that to your boss and he would probably ask you to "go fly kite"!

But, if you highlight to him about the low morale and how you planned to boast the workers' morale and of course their productivity -you are seen as a very positive employee.

Of course, the whole idea is to craft a project so that you can get free coffee machine and coffee into your pantry. The project shows first unhappy employees without coffee then happy employees with coffee.

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Simply by thinking and asking, you already got your free coffee, so one wonder why you want to rip off vending machine and take all those risk for 1 measly beverage...

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