Vending machine sizes impact your business in many ways...

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vending-machine-sizes-alone Vending machine sizes is one of the key criteria in deciding the income you make in your vending business! It affects everything from location, operation to your ability to start this business.

1. Starting the vending business

In the vending business, it is simple maths, the bigger the sizes of your vending machine, the more costly it is. So, if you are just starting this business, the size of your machine would determine how big your business is going to be and if you are able to afford this business in the first place.

The point to consider is this, should you throw all your money into 1 big mean and sophisticated vending machine or get a few used machines. The former would win customers via novelty and flashy display, while the latter gives you better distribution.


The operation

Of course, the vending machine sizes is first and foremost an operation issue, too big, transportation is costly but topping up is less frequent.

Your vending routing would be determine on the very first day you purchase the vending machine, primarily by the size of the machine. A smaller unit would mean a more frequent top up, potential out of stock situation, and loss sales.

A larger machine would mean high transportation cost, higher inventory cost and usually repetitive product display. Repairing is also more tedious for a big machines that comes with more sophisticated ECM board and many more "bells and whistle".

Consider a big machine only if the location is really superb, otherwise, it is usually more prudent to spread the risk by having more distribution points with smaller used vending machines.


The location

The vending machine sizes becomes dollars and cents when it comes to rental calculation. It varies from place to place, but regardless, when it is a bigger machine, the cost is usually higher.

The numbers would be the same for all areas: there would be rental, commission and utility. All things being equal, a bigger vending machine sizes would translate to higher utility bills.

In Singapore, where rental is by per square feet, every inch of a bigger machine means a higher monthly fees and of course higher utility bills.

So, to me the logic is still to go in low and garner the maximum distribution points. Sure, the bigger machine is attracting the crowd, but always remember that vending is a service business, it solves the needs of others not a want!

People approaches vending machines and make a purchase, because they are thirsty, they are definitely not influence by the vending machine sizes!

Note: To know even more about vending machines, check out your vending resource, a great site with plenty of vending machine resources.

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