Home vending machine coffee makers are taking US by storm!


Home vending machine coffee makers? Why would anyone wants to placed a vending machine inside their house?

In my coffee makers research, there have been countless situations where people has asked me about home vending machine coffee makers. Firstly, I wonder if such an equipment really exist, then I ponder if such a machine really exist, how much does it cost.

Vending machines have long been associated with great convenience and much ease of use. Pop in a coin and out comes a drink, simple as that. Coffee makers on the other hand, requires good knowledge, many steps, and many ways just to come a simple cup of coffee.

So, it is little wonder that there are some folks that clamor for the simple solutions in delivering a great cuppa. They need a coffee maker and they want it to function like a vending machine.

The thought of it is so wide spread that it actually started a whole new genre of coffee makers, the truly home vending machine coffee makers. Of course, they are not such a mouthful, they are simply called the single serve.

Just started in the late 1990's, single serve as the name serve only one cup of coffee, and it functions exactly like a vending machine, the coffee is dispense with a single push of button.

The search for coffee makers with vending machine capability are really in high demand -it can be shown with the following numbers from the national coffee drinking trend survey.

More than 60% of US coffee drinkers are aware of the single serve, and more than 2% has already own one and more than 14% are likely to get one in less than 3 months.

It took espresso machines close to 2 decades to have the following that single serve is enjoying right now. And it is more than convenience that these coffee makers can provide.

With machines like the Tassimo, these home vending machine coffee makers can brew cappuccino complete with the froth.

While, you would definitely not be thinking of placing a vending machine at home, you would definitely enjoy the vending machine capability of the single serve...

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