Would You Choose a Keurig Cup or An Espresso Maker?

About keurig coffee maker

Basically, Keurig Cup (K cup) is handy and stress-free, and will also save you effort, time and money.

Use together with a Keurig coffee maker you do not need to be troubled to cleanup or worry about any repairs or setup issues. get-mypressi-twist Using is is a breeze, no more having to worry about grinding of beans measuring of coffee grounds since K-Cups comes in pre-measured system.

A k cup such as Timothy’s K-Cup are all pre-measured, you only need to insert it into the machine and press a button.

All you need to carry out is purchase Keurig Cup that you want to drink, which might not be easy because they have so many brands and varieties!

They have a wide assortment of roasts, brands and flavors that are accessible and obtainable.


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Espresso Maker

On the other hand, there is also this traditional espresso maker. The usual espresso maker is obviously entails lots of guesswork from grinding the beans, dosing, tamping and ensuring the right temperature to obtain a perfect espresso.

Basically, an espresso maker is an asset, only if you are a sober espresso aficionado, the initial expenses will pay off substantially in the long term.

Not only will you not have to set out somewhere to get your espresso fix, if you make a fuss of brew on a regular basis, the espresso machine will soon pay for itself.

Espresso makers works best if you know how to use it in the proper way. However, as the name implies, the usual espresso maker really require lots of effort and time in order to create a perfect espresso.

So it is obvious that traditional espresso maker entails lots of work and only people really interested in learning about espresso brewing would go into it.

As result, more people prefer to use Keurig single cup coffee brewer because of the convenient it offers, how do we know that? By comparing the sales figure (last year, keurig sold the most coffee machines).


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