Timothys coffee is the new age gourmet coffee.

What has timothys coffee got to do with new age, and in fact what is new age gourmet coffee.

The term “new age” is often misused and misquoted. This might not be the right place to venture into a definition of what “new age” means.

For the purpose of the thoughts that will appear over the next few lines let us assume that this term “new age” refers to the here and now.

Therefore the statement in the heading of this article means that Timothy’s coffee is the “preferred” gourmet coffee of the here and now.

One of the many wonderful things about Timothys coffee is that the entire range of products on offer can be purchased online. Timothy’s Coffees of the World Inc is the official name by which Timothy’s coffee can be found in the Internet.


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Here you go online at one of the most sought after coffee suppliers in the world. Within the vast range of merchandise on offer you can find green coffee beans as well as organic coffee beans.

It is always important to remember that the definition of what constitutes gourmet coffee is a very subjective definition. Coffee beans that qualify as gourmet coffee for one coffee lover will be deemed to be an abomination by another coffee lover.

Timothys coffee also stocks a wide range of K cup products. The growth in the flavored coffee industry has been phenomenal in the last ten years.

A whole new generation of coffee lovers has come to appreciate and enjoy gourmet coffee in these small pods. The popularity of these coffee cartridges is demonstrated by a special offer available when you shop online and Timothy’s coffee.

If you purchase a Keurig Brewer, Timothys coffee will add a box of 24 pods made up of a variety of flavors for free. This is in addition to the free delivery on offer to customers within the borders of the United States.

It just goes to show how popular not only gourmet coffee has become but also how popular the gourmet coffee on sale at Timothy’s coffee has become.

To be a coffee supplier in the new age means more than securing a supply of green coffee beans and be able to master the art of roasting coffee.

As a coffee supplier you need to know your market and you must be able to meet the needs of your customers. It has become quite apparent that Timothy’s coffee is able to fulfil all these requirements.


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