Yes, you can drink cafejo on keurig

Cafejo is just another type of coffee that can be enjoyed on Keurig, for its followers, this is something important.

The keurig coffee maker has gained significant popularity over the last few years and has become one of the most sought out coffee machine in the market.

The machine is convenient and easy to use for home and office purposes. The one question though asked now and then is whether or not this blend of coffee can be used on keurig.

Well, the answer is yes! You can drink it on keurig with a slight little adjustment.

As we all know keurig single cup coffee makers only run with k-cups, therefore it becomes an issue as to how to use cafejo on keurig; the solution lies in pod holster.


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With a pod holster, any coffee blend can easily be used with keurig. The pod holster comes with a self tampering spring which extracts a cup of coffee or tea.

What’s good is that you can use this coffee on bunn, melitta and cuisinart too. So now you are not limited to the k-cups, enjoy cafejo on keurig as much as you want. This blend of coffee is very popular among avid coffee lovers. The company has an extensive series of Single Cup Coffee which includes Gold series, Dark roasts, Medium roasts, Light roasts, Flavors, Decaf and Variety Packs.

All its pod comes in 18 count boxes with over 30 gourmet flavors to choose from. So if you own a keurig at home or office, then you don’t need to worry at all.

With the slight adjustment of pod holster on your keurig, you can enjoy the rich variety of cafejo individualized to one’s taste and mood.

Whats good with their coffee pods is it can be used with almost all standard single cup coffee machines that includes Senseo, Melitta, Phillips, Home Cafe, Juan Valdez and others. It also offers other teas, creamers, sweetners, cups, filters and other accessories for coffee machines.

More information about the keurig k-cup machines and this blend can be found on their respective websites.


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