Enjoying Gloria Jeans coffee in the office or at home

The story of how the coffee shop that was opened in 1979 be Gloria Jean and her husband Ed in Chicago was transformed to a global franchise of Gloria Jeans gourmet coffee houses by the late 1990s is a business fairytale that warms the heart.

Even better is, of course, the coffee that is made across the world for the many customers that frequent the many franchises of Gloria Jeans that are scattered across the world.

The whole Gloria Jeans coffee experience is based on the quality coffee beans that are selected for this experience as well the deft and able assembly of the coffee experiences by the baristas that work in the Gloria Jeans cafes that are located everywhere.

The one disadvantage of the whole Gloria Jeans coffee experience is that is located in a coffee shop down the road and that you have to leave your home or office to be able to enjoy this coffee experience.


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Well the good news is that that has changed for the better. Keurig have introduced the Gloria Jeans coffee experience to their K-Cup range of single serve coffee pods.

The same quality that you will find in Gloria Jean’s coffee experience can now be found in the coffee pods that are on sale by Keurig.

A lot of effort has globe into ensuring that the espresso or coffee that you get out of a K-Cup is the same as if you had gone to your local Gloria Jeans.

This is done by ensuring that the ingredients in the Gloria Jeans K Cups are of the same excellent quality as the ingredients used by the baristas in the local Gloria Jeans cafe.

Now through the push of a button you can bring the Gloria Jeans experience right into your home or office. Along with many other famous coffee house brands, Keurig has added the Gloria Jeans experience to their extensive range of K-Cups.

There is obviously far more on offer that the excellent coffees from Gloria Jeans. An online visit to Keurig will not only allow you access to your Gloria Jeans coffee pods, but also expose you to a whole range of different coffee experiences you might want to explore.

You can always come back to Gloria Jeans if you are satisfied that you have covered all the bases, so to speak.


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