T-discs from Tassimo is really amazing!

T-discs is an invention that seek to enhance your coffee experience, an evolution in coffee brewing.

The generation of coffee making has evolved considerably from brewing coffee over stove to super-automatic coffee machines and then to single serve coffee makers.

With ever improving technology and mechanics, coffee making isn’t a daunting task anymore.

One such revolutionary technology is t-discs invented by Tassimo. These coffee pods are hot beverage pod designed for use with Tassimo single cup coffee makers.

They contain pre-measured ingredients for hot beverage created by Tassimo.


I guess with the money we give you, you probably cannot buy coffee wholesale, but it is enough for a good cup of coffee.

And you can buy any types of coffee you like. If this sounds interesting, click on the link to see how to get it


With t-discs, you have the option of choosing from a variety of local and international coffee blends including an elite list of coffee makers like Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Gevalia Kaffe, Maxwell house, Mastro Lorenzo, Jacobs, Tazo and many more.

In short you get a whole variety of 100% Arabic coffee blends, real milk for cappuccinos and lattes, tea and also rich hot chocolate.

T-discs are designed in such a manner that every type of coffee is individualized and served accordingly. It happens with the help of bar code present on the top of each tassimo coffee pods. The machine is instructed by the bar code for using the proper brewing settings. Therefore the water temperature, the amount of water, brew time and strength are changed accordingly.

This is what allows Tassimo pod makers to brew a whole lot variety of hot beverages that include filtered style coffee, short espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate and tea.

So now when you drink a cup of cappuccino made from Tassimo, you can be rest assured of drinking one.

Tasimmo Home Brewing System is a small and smart coffee machine that gets your cup of coffee ready with touch of a button. It comes under the category of thermal brewing system and makes use of the exclusively designed t-discs for the beverage preparation.

The best part is the competitive price at which the machine is offered. So if you are a real coffee lover but want to stay away from standard coffee makers then this little piece of machine will just fit fine in your kitchen.

Following the league of Tassimo are Senseo and Javapodz. They too offer single cup thermal coffeemakers that utilize their respective coffee pods. One can order the java pods and coffee pods for senseo at their company’s website or distributors nearby.


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