Another Way to Drink Bigelow Tea, Same or Better?

Bigelow tea is from the same name company. And Bigelow Company was established in 1935, a company with a long heritage.

Bigelow range of tea comes in different flavors including raspberry that delicately enhanced with the juicy and delicious taste of freshly pick raspberries, vanilla flavor with comforting aroma.

The luscious flavor of summertime peaches, the herb teas and lemon teas to savor for a slightly tart, slightly spicy drink that always invigorating and energizing, as well as mint, pomegranate, cinnamon, orange, blueberry and chai tea flavors.

We could go on, but you get the picture, their range is huge, and people have been drinking them for more than half a century.


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But recently, their tea is available in another format -k cups.

Bigelow tea in k cups format is encased through a plastic cup and enclosed with a foil on top. It is sealed and preserved compactly.

In order for you to enjoy the drink all you have to do is set up your hot water in the keurig coffee maker and wait for sixty seconds. After that, you will come now to experience a quality tea.

Actually, when it comes to the different types of tea, not all are produced equally in terms of effectiveness and quality.

So as to get your money worth, you need to be sure that the teas you are purchasing have gotten the strictest regulations of quality control. Apart from this, you also need to ensure that the company manufacturing the tea is reliable and devoted enough to deliver you the premium tea products possible.

Sure, there are also other tea manufacturing companies such as Harney & Sons tea and Tazo Tea.

Both of these companies also produce and create tasty tea, but the major difference is that Bigelow makes use of tea in K-Cups format.

This make all the differences. The Bigelow teas in K-Cups format are very easy to use. All you have to do is insert the K-Cups into the single coffee makers, press the button and you get a good cup of tea.

With convenience wise, you might say it is not much different from tea bags, but you get better tea with k-cups that are all pre-packed, pre-measured and of course fresh and comes in different tasty flavors.


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