Now you can drink Danesi in your single serve brewer!

At last another great Italian coffee house has begun to make its products available as a coffee pod.

You can now get all your favorite Danesi Caffe coffees for your pod coffee maker. It is always very frustrating when you are only able to access your favorite Danesi espresso at a dedicated coffee shop.

Now this coffee can be enjoyed at your leisure; either in the office or at home.

Obviously this is not the only coffee that is available in ese pods. There are nearly all the famous brands such as Nestle – through their Nespresso system – Keurig and other such as illy and Segafredo, although the latter is restricted to North America.


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In other words you can enjoy a Danesi's espresso and right after that – provided you have the espresso pods – you can enjoy an illy espresso.

An Italian coffee experience followed by a Swiss coffee experience – that is the freedom and flexibility that the single serve cartridge system allows.

Even if Danesi is one of the latest coffee houses to offer its products in ese pod format it most certainly will not be the last.

The beauty of the ese pod system is the precision of the volume of the contents of the pods which will in turn allow for the same quality beverage to be made every time.

Ever so often, you will make an espresso with a traditional espresso machine or a coffee with a traditional drip filter coffee maker that is exceptional.

The reason being that, more through chance than planning, the proportions of ingredients of the espresso or coffee have been perfect and the water volume and temperature was just right; all by chance.

To repeat that perfection will be hard as it will require great accuracy. Now, through the easy serve espresso pod system, the ingredient volumes are always identical and the pod brewer will always dispense exactly the same amount of water at exactly the same temperature which means that your Danesi espresso will always be exactly the same; every time.

You can, therefore, make coffee shop quality espresso for yourself or also for guests and colleagues with the single serve cartridge system without having to be concerned with the quality of the beverage you are preparing.

You cannot go wrong; all you do is insert your coffee pod into the brewer and push a button. The brewer will do all the rest. Once done, all you have to do is dispose of the empty pod. It’s as simple as that!


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