Can cold brewed coffee be DIY?

Can you make cold brewed coffee yourself without all the fancy systems such as hourglass or toddy coffee maker?

This is an interesting question, because if so then a significant saving can be made through cold brewed coffee.

The thing about cold press coffee is that even though you still need the traditional roaster coffee, you can use a Toddy cold brewed system. For example, toddy will allow for an extract to be formed which can in turn be used as a base for all types of coffee based beverages.

The question here is whether or not one can make the extract at home without the use of a Toddy coffee maker?

Essentially the following has to happen; ground coffee needs to be immersed in cold water for a minimum of twenty four hours before being filtered to separate the grounds and the extract.


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What the Toddy cold brew equipment does is accommodate the grounds and water mixture and then facilitates the filtration of the extract.

It is possible to place the coffee grounds and the cold water in a jar. The ratio of coffee grounds to water should be about 2:3, i.e. for every two units of coffee grounds you need to add three units of water.

This does not require precision equipment. Once the mixture has stood for twenty four hours and the infusion process has taken its course one will need to drain off the extract and make sure to separate the extract and the coffee grounds.

I suppose one could improvise a filter using a part of an old clean stocking to act as a filter. Once filtered and drained, the extract can be used to make delicious coffee beverages – all of the products of the cold brewed coffee process.

The most outstanding characteristic of the cold coffee is its low acid content which makes it far more palatable to those with a sensitive palate as well as being much better to digest for those with a sensitive digestive system.

Now, is the cost of the cold brewed coffee systems very high that it is not affordable; would we need to make it ourselves at home?

At less than forty dollars, some of the cold brew systems are actually very affordable for use in the home.

However, for those who would like to experiment to see whether the cold brewed coffee is for them, it might well be worth the effort to try it at home with what one has. If one likes it one can then always go out and purchase a cold brew system.


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