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Now, keurig b60 if you would to compare it with b50 or even the b40 actually does not have much differences. Keurig coffee maker are all able to make the same quality brew using any of the 40 odd k-cups that are available.

However, keurig b60 is the highest end of the entire keurig single serve coffee maker range at $199.95 almost a hundred dollars higher than keurig b40. So, if everything is about the same, why would people want to get the b60?

Of course, there are some additional features and functions that a b60 has that a basic model such as the b40 does not come with. The question is whether you need these features or not. 

In terms of features, one great feature of the b60 is ability to allow you to adjust the brew temperature. Now, for those of us that are casual coffee drinkers, you might not know this. But coffee taste especially great when it is very hot, so you can actually set it to pipping even scaling hot if you so prefer.

Then, you can adjust the serving setting to 9.25 ounce which is enough to fill one travel mug. This allows to to brew your favorite k-cup coffee and bring it with you as you commute to work. Not essential for everyone but some of you might find this critical (so lonely without that coffee companion, isn't it?).

Personally, if I would to get the keurig b60 (for the record, I actually prefer the b40 because I can live without all the additionalfrills), it would due to the swanky look and feel of this brewer.

The upgrade to the look and feel of the b60 lies in the chrome k-cup jaws and the blue lights that would lit up the reservoir tank. It might be just too small minor changes but it really make this machine stand up.

I would especially like to mentioned the light that sort of double up as a warning signal. The light flicker when the reservoir is taken off from the brewer. And when the water tank is on it, the blue light would lit up the tank, a very nice aesthetic touch by keurig.

You might be surprised to know that some folks are skipping the cheaper b40 and buying the much more expensive b60 just because of the look and feel. But, if you think about it, it all make sense. Why would they save on a hundred dollars when they have spend thousands on their interior decoration?

So, if you asked me the reason why people would spend more money to buy the keurig b60, my take is because it looks better than the rest. For this case, looks does matters...

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