Keurig coffee gives very little of these!

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The fact is, keurig coffee maker has lesser compared to traditional coffee maker. But, I am not making this statement out of anger, rather it is a compliment! Personally, I think it is because keurig machine is giving us lesser things thus making it so popular among the consumers.

The thing is, when the single serve coffee maker comes into the market, they are trying to make their machines as lean as possible, I would come to the "why" later. But, keurig coffee offers more than just lesser things, she strikes a balance by taking away some and putting in others.

Now, why is less better in terms of coffee makers? Well, it has to do with the lifestyle of the urban folks -they love their coffee, and want it good and easy.So, the economy nowadays emphasizes on the "less is more" model, and hey that is the reason companies are all going for "right sizing", just a side note why is the right size always a downsize?

Single serve coffee maker gives people what they want by consolidating all the functions of coffee brewing into a single button push. And amidst all these, they make a coffee pod that is able to retain the flavor of grounded coffee for a period of time.


However, they have limited variety and the standard of the coffee is still not as good as those that you can get at coffee shops or cafes. In coffee brewing, there are simply too many variables, the water temperature, the quality of water, the freshness of the coffee grounds and even the pressure of water is important to how the final brew would turn out.

Keurig coffee contain all these variables into what is known as the k-cups. Their coffee pods for their keurig machines. The entire technology about why its coffee can be better than its competitors lies in these k-cups.

These k-cups are the ones that controlled the water pressure, sealed in the freshness of the coffee ground, and maintain the integrity of the water temperature. The brewing of coffee take place all within the k-cups and is a critical success factor for a great brew.

These cups are the main differentiating factor that make keurig better than its competitors and if you asked me what is that keurig is giving me very little of, it is problems.

By not focusing on the machine but the k-cups, if you have problems with the brew, it would be about a cup that is not done properly (although I have not encountered such problems yet) and you do not have to worry about repairing the machines or changing it.


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