Keurig k cups is the coffee maker

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Most of us knows that keurig k cups has one of the best varieties around. Currently, there is one hundred over drinks for us to choose from that can be used on any of the keurig coffee maker.

But, for the keurig k cups, other than varieties, this simple looking cup actually holds many important function which are critical to the good coffee that keurig coffee maker is serving to millions of consumers daily.

The keurig machine is merely a tool to assist in brewing the great coffee, most of the technology in getting a good brew does not lies in the machine but the k cups.

What do I mean by this? Now, lets consider the variables that are important for a good cup of coffee. The coffee grounds need to be fresh, the water temperature need to be right and the water pressure has to be exact.

While there are other factors such as the quality of the water, this is really outside the purview of the keurig brewing system. Out of those that can be controlled, everything is being done within the k cups.


The freshness of the coffee ground is very critical to the goodness of the coffee. And keurig k cups patented sealing technology assist in sealing the flavor of this coffee and it can remains fresh for more than 6 months.

Then, while you can control the water temperature with some of keurig coffee machine, for some models like the b30 and b40, water temperature is regulated by the machine while brewing takes place within the k cups.

The sealing and the filter ensure minimum temperature loss. Moreover, the technology is build in such a manner that it would control the water pressure to ensure the optimum extraction to get the maximum coffee flavor.

So, if you would to explore it in details, you can actually say that the k cups are the ones that controls and manages most of the variables in getting a good cup of coffee and thus the ones that are giving you the good coffee.


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