Keurig B100 is the first GMCR single serve coffee maker

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Keurig b100 was the product that propelled keurig into international stardom and is the brewer that cement its position not only in the single serve coffee maker segment but in the entire coffee maker market. 

Although keurig b100 was the first coffee brewer used to penetrate the coffee market, it did not adopt the strategy that companies used when it comes to opening market and that is entering at a low cost.

Instead, the b100 was retailed at $249.95, a price that would put off many potential buyer, but yet it only manages to build a substantial following, it capture huge market share.

Like all keurig, the b100 key success factor lies in its operating system which is easy and user friendly. To brew a cup of beverage, oen only need to insert keurig proprietary coffee pods known as k-cups into the system. Press the brew button, wait for 45 seconds and you would be able to drink a piping hot drink.

Other than the easy to use and easy to maintain system that keurig coffee maker has, and that wins for itself many consumers, the support and back up for this brand is equally awesome.

Personally, I think this is one of the most sold brands online. Which means to say that one would not have to work a few blocks to get your coffee, but you can get it delivered right to your doorsteps.

Moreover, other than its own support hotline, there are many websites and forums that is dedicated to dishing out solutions in maintaining this coffee maker.

From a unknown coffee maker to the industry darling within a span of a few years is no easy feat and doing it no relying on the easy route of cheap pricing, this is a very good testimony on the product quality of keurig.

If there is one takeaway that I want to provide to you and that would be the quality of the machine and the brew, how good it is for people to spend a few times more than a typical single serve coffee maker (senseo retails at close to hundred) and many times more than the usual drip coffee maker (you can get bunn coffee maker at less than $30).

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