How coffee pod machines can help you save more money?

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coffee pod machines saving you money articles are nothing new. Personally, I have written 3-4 of them coming from different perspectives. But, recently I came across this device which I thought would drive the cost of enjoying coffee further.

First, let me summarize why coffee pod machines are deem as great cost savers. The whole idea about drinking coffee is you want to drink good coffee. If you are someone that just want to keep awake, then a simple instant coffee would appeal to you.

All of us like a good cup of coffee (for the coffee lovers of course) and the only place that we would go to would be either the nearest Starbucks or our favorite coffee shop, but each cup would set you back by at least $3.50.

This would add up to more than a thousand dollars per year even if you just have one cup per day. And that is where coffee pod machines come into the picture. My favorite is the keurig coffee maker, mainly because the coffee dispensed from them are really good and secondly their variety is huge.


A keurig k cups cost only $0.4 approximately and the standard is similar to, if not better than your coffee shop coffee, so that is the first way and the method many people talk about in saving money from your coffee consumption.

Now, imagine if we are able to further drive down the cost of the keurig k cups from $0.40 to maybe $0.10 or lower. This is impossible even if you get great discount like 35% from keurig, the only way is to use your own blend of coffee.

But, the re-usable k-cup is expensive and not reliable and recently there is this new device known as My kap which would allow you to re-use the keurig k-cups.

Basically, this device allows you to open up your normal k-cups and refill it with the coffee that you like. The competitive edge of this device is it is better than the reusable and the taste is as consistent as a k cup that you purchase from the store.

The cost per serve that My kap estimated that it would cost consumers is about $0.10 to $0.15. This is more than 50% off the usual price that you would need to pay. And it comes with the added advantage of being able to drink any type of coffee you like.

We all know that using coffee pod machines instead of buying coffee would save us money, now there is even a device to help us save money on the coffee pods like the k cups.


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