Single serve coffee refills for Senseo?

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To refill single serve coffee, most of you would deem it "illegal". And Senseo comes with their own pods and accepts pods from some brands, but generally you need to insert at least a pre-measured coffee pod into senseo.

Just a note on the making your own coffee pods, it is simply unethical and it can no different from cheating Senseo. So, that is not the way to better one's coffee experience.

**Folks that have been browsing the various coffee maker ratings page would know that it is no longer a "cheating" experience. For more information, check out the single cup coffee maker secrets...

Then, this couple of years, there are refills for the single serve coffee pods. This solution allows you to choose your own coffee, adjust your dosage and even control the number of serves.

However, nothing is stable. It is either too expensive, too difficult to use or not easy to clean up after use. Then, something came out that mitigate all these problems, at the same time allowing you to use any coffee on Senseo!

Introducing coffee duck, the ultimate refillable filter for Original Senseo. Although it still does not work with Senseo Supreme and Deluxe, we all know that most of the folks out there owns an Original so the coffee duck should still be a very handy tool.

This coffee duck fits in snugly with your senseo, allowing you to control the flavor, strength and amount of coffee you want to brew with this Philips single serve coffee maker.

No longer would you need to drink only Douwe Egberts, with the coffee duck, you can drink any type of coffee you like. From a very popular Starbucks blend to a not so famous Germany blend like Jacobs or Kronung, as long as it is fine grind, this coffee duck would brew your cuppa perfectly!


Other than choices, the savings should be quite substantial as well. Coffee pods for Senseo are not cheap, with an average cost of $0.40. This would be one of the reasons why people are looking for refills and some folks trying to "make" their own pods.

Of course, with the coffee ducks, if you decide to go for lower cost, simply choose a blend that is more economical. It is that flexible.

In fact, to me it has the low cost of filter drip and the convenience of a single serve coffee , it is as close to "best of both worlds" when coffee is concern!

**For those that wants to brew your own great coffee, check out our free coffee course for more information.

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