One cup coffee maker is here to dominate the world

One cup coffee solution is still making money. At a time when grind and brew coffee makers are lowering sales target, urn coffee or 4 cup coffee maker are doing crazy sales, these single cup coffee makers are experiencing rapid growth.

All of us knows about keurig coffee machines, they are currently the most popular singe serving coffee maker in the market, lets not quote their success.

They have so much media exposure, so one would think that smart marketing has a lot to do with their success and it is not about the one cup coffee solution.


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Let's instead look at nespresso. They do not have the largest market share, did not do any innovative marketing, but yet they are also experiencing rapid growth.

The economists and experts all said that this economic downturn is the worst there is since the great depression. So, no matter how good the coffee maker ratings you get, sales of machines would not be good. one-cup-coffee But, why are machines such as keurig coffee maker and even nespresso enjoying rapid growth? The fact is, people would still drink coffee, and as people need to turn their attention to more important things, they want their favorite beverage to be prepared in the easiest manner possible, thus the one cup coffee solution.

So, how rapid was the growth of the nespresso single serving coffee maker? It grew by 30% in 2008 and bring in for Nestle a sales of 2 billion swiss francs.

That amount is not big by nestle account, only about 5% of its entire sales, but no one can deny that 30% is something no other nestle sku would be able to achieve.

And here we are not even talking about the market leader in the single cup coffee market, can you imagine the type of growth keurig k cups would have?


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