Which bloomfield coffee maker should you get?

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For bloomfield coffee maker, I would definitely go for the 8782 because I loves fresh coffee! For those of you that have been following my articles, you would know that I am biased towards those coffee makers that comes with vacuum pots.

Similarly, the reason that I chose bloomfield coffee maker, series 8782, is due to its automatic airport coffee brewer. Just to recap why I feel so strongly about airport brewer or carafe, is because the problem with heating plate is the absence of the heat control.

This results in burnt and bitter coffee, something which I am sure is not acceptable with any coffee drinkers.

Armed with the airport coffee brewer, which according to some sources can keep your coffee hot for up to 5 hours, you would not waste any coffee with a full batch brew from this bloomfield coffee maker.


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We all know that the optimum brew temperature for a good brew of coffee is at 198 degree Fahrenheit, but most coffee maker actually does not reach this temperature. For this bloomfield 8782, there is actually a "Ready to brew" light that would prompt you about this optimum water brewing temperature, so that you get the maximum coffee flavor.

Speaking of maximum coffee flavor, other than the airport, another element that is good about bloomfield 8782 coffee maker is the water spreader disc. It's purpose is totally soaked the coffee grounds with water so that the maximum coffee flavor is being extracted.

Although not many people would consider this bloomfield coffee brewer as having a good "look and feel", personally, I find this coffee maker to be rather sharp looking. It has a certain futuristic look to it with its stainless steel design.

There you have it, if you asked me to recommend a bloomfield coffee maker , 8782 automatic airport coffee brewer would definitely be my proposal. Although the pricing is abit steep, so far, I have yet to hear any negative feedback about frequent breakdowns.

This is a testimonial of top quality components that are used to manufacture this coffee maker.

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