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Digital coffee maker is a product of a evolution -technological.

Technological evolution starts to boom and that includes the coffee maker machines.

From the very first coffee maker which is the “cowboy pot” to the different types and models of coffee maker are coming out like the stove top coffee maker, espresso coffee maker, French press coffee maker, pod coffee maker, vacuum coffee maker, digital coffee maker, etc.

These different types can offer you option what type of coffee maker you’re going to have.


'What is an espresso', is a free ebook that is about the basic on espresso drinks.

While, it would not make you a baristas, nor would it tell you the difference between an saeco from jura espresso machines.

You would know whether the differences between the so many different drinks on the coffee menu the next time you order...


Digital coffee makers are widely used because of many advantages it can give.

One of the most used coffee maker is the Invento coffee maker or Cafe Invento Single Serve Coffee Pod Brewer. This coffee maker offers many advantages and benefits which you’ll surely enjoy.

The company that manufactures digital coffee maker like Invento coffee maker is GAMZI DIGITAL.

This company is committed to provide each customer a high quality of customer service.

In addition, GAMZI DIGITAL has a Return Authorization that allows you to exchange the product you have purchased if you are not satisfied with it.

They can also refund your money. This kind of service is only valid within 10 days after you’ve purchased the product.

However, you have to keep the product’s packaging and accessories in a good condition to avoid charges or restocking fees.

People buy this machine because of its attractive physical appearance. It has variety of finishes and colors.

The very interesting thing about this kind of digital coffee maker is its very amazing features.

Here are some of Café Invento Single Serve Coffee Pod Brewer’s features.
1. The design of Invento coffee maker which is ultra slim and it will truly guarantee that it will not take much space in your kitchen, office, or business place.
2. You can get your cup of good tasting coffee at office or at home for a great price deal.
3. Its removable water tank can produce approximately 10 cups of coffee.
4. It can give you a high quality coffee that has a rich layer of frothy in just 30 seconds.
5. You can have 1 or 2 coffee cups at the same time.
6. It has two pod holders which offer you options including tea, espresso, and coffee.
7. The taste selector will allow you to personalize every cup of your coffee.
8. It has accurate brewing system having same quality every time.
9. It has protection on overheat and boil dry.
10. The material made of it is the so called Protract which has a synthetic layer that allows you to clean it easily leaves no fingerprints in the surface.
11. Its pods are biodegradable and its components are recyclable which is considered to be environmental friendly.
12. And lastly, Invento coffee maker has its auto-shut off that turns the coffee machine down after 2 hours.

If you want to have a high-quality coffee that you really love then buying digital coffee maker like Invento coffee maker is a must.

This coffee machine does not only give you a great cup of coffee you want but it also serves as additional décor in your place because of its stunning look.

So, start using Invento coffee maker if you want to experience drinking good tasting coffee.

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