Dualit coffee maker usually originate from this.

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Although dualit coffee maker, especially their espresso machine does great espresso, people that purchase their coffee machine usually begin trusting because of another product.

This would be the dualit toaster. The toaster is known to do very good golden crispy slices of bread, is very good looking and very durable. Of all the electrical appliances that Dualit has, the toaster is the most well known.

Of course, once you tried the dualit coffee maker, you would know that it is not only the toaster that is good, the coffee machine is equally if not a better performer which goes to show that dualit is a brand that can be trusted.

They used to have coffee maker but now their main coffee machine genre are the espresso machines, and although they are still doing percolator, I have yet to hear many feedback about their perk coffee.


This could be to due to the low demand for perk coffee. However, being someone that is not very into perk coffee, all I can comment about the Dualit 84038 is the look and feel. The stainless steel is very polished and with the translucent lid knob, the overall look and feel is very classy.

Although, having a warmer base is commendable effort, my thought is always about burn coffee when it comes to having a warmer base. That being said, the capacity for this percolator is for parties and functions and so I think the consumption would be high which means the probability of burn coffee would be slight.

If you want to try a good dualit coffee maker, then it has to be the dualit 84009 espresso coffee maker. The reviews about this machine can be summed into these few words: good brew and easy to use.

For an espresso maker, the most thing is the pump pressure. This dualit 84009 is able to deliver at least 12 bar of pump driven pressure is an assurance that the extraction of your espresso would be good.

Sure, being an espresso machine, there would be some dosing and tamping, but if you follow the normal rule for espresso brewing and do not get too creative (in the grind size), this fellow is a very straight forward machine and delivers great espresso.

Another thing you would look for in an espresso machine is the ability to do other gourmet coffee, like cappuccino and lattes. This means that the frother must be easy to use and operates well.

Of course, not only is the frother easy to use (simply follow the instruction manual), it froths easily and gives very good cappuccino complete with froth and all.

Well, if I keep going on about the positive aspects, it would seems that this espresso machine is the perfect coffee maker, it does have some drawbacks. Personally, I feel that this machine would be more complete with a timer and also a pod feeder (able to use single serve coffee pods).

But, to many people I know that their general complain about this dualit coffee maker would be the pricing. At slightly more than $400, it is a coffee machine that is not priced at the lower tier.

Moreover, some of you would note that some espresso machine with this pricing comes with more comprehensive features. Here is my thought: the most important aspect about espresso maker is the use and the brew, which this machine performs very well in both areas.

So, if great brew and ease of use is what you are looking for in an espresso maker, then this dualit coffee machine could be one of your option.


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