Which flavia beverage system is suitable for me?

The Flavia beverage system offers wide selection of beverages that ranges from different blends of coffee, tea, as well as hot chocolate beverages.

The moment you finish choosing your drinks, you can now insert into the Flavia coffee machine the perfect drink foil pack.

And in a few moments, you coffee is ready. Now, if you drink alone, the most appropriate coffee machine for you is the Flavia Fusion Deluxe.

The Flavia beverages system offers these variety with the ease of use and maintenance. One button to brew your beverage, another step to "maintain" your machine (discarding the spent filterpack).


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Here, we would discuss about the Flavia Fusion Deluxe. It is a grouping of espresso maker, coffee machine and teapot rolled into one machine, with none of the untidiness or jam-packed counter space.

With this Flavia beverage system you can get pleasure from a mouth-watering Flavia coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate and tea brewed by a touch of the button.

In using Flavia Fusion Deluxe single serve coffee brewer you will get lot of benefits such as complete inspiration, pure freshness and hassle-free.

When we say complete inspiration, you are capable of experiencing the flavorful beverages, including coffees, chocolates, teas and other specialties coffee.

The approach is combine the fresh packs to create lattes, cappuccinos, mochaccinos, iced beverages or simply your own distinctive creations.

To compliment the complete inspiration, you will also get pure freshness when you employ this Flavia Fusion Deluxe.

The single serve fresh packs are sealed in a perfect freshness in each filterpack meant for each cup.

Unlike other single serve coffee machine out there, Flavia technology creates coffee direct from pack to cup, ensuring the each beverage is totally pure and fresh.

Flavia Fusion deluxe is also hassle-free; you can create any variety of beverages without the waste that you experienced from a whole pot coffee machine or the clean up of a cappuccino and espresso machine.

And if you are in a company, you may want to consider the Flavia Creation 200 or the Flavia Creation 400.

The Flavia Creation 200 is perfect for small company since it can creates coffee, tea or chocolate for 15-49 people while the Flavia Creation 400 is best used in a company that have more than 50 staffs.

These Flavia beverage system will enable these staffs to experience different Flavia drinks.

So in closing, aside from the ease of use, innovative technology integrated to a coffee machine or espresso machine and affordable cost, there is a machine for every need that will fit our lifestyle and taste profile.


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