Barista Aroma Solo by Starbucks

by John Doe

Barista aroma coffee

Barista aroma coffee

Sometimes you want a quick mug of coffee to take with you as you go out the door. A nice machine for this is the Barista Aroma Solo sold at Starbucks. It brews one mug (16 oz) at a time directly into an insulated, stainless steel mug that surprisingly keeps the coffee hot for a couple of hours. Four years ago, I received a Solo for Christmas. I loved it as I used it for one mug, almost every morning. After almost a year's use, the electronics that controlled the machine simply stopped working. It was in the middle of brewing when I heard a strange noise from the machine. I found the machine dead, and I could not resuscitate it.

At this point, this sounds like a sad story, but I was impressed how Starbucks support their products. The machine had a two year warranty, and it had not been a single year. I called the company and explained my experience. They replaced my unit with a new one and a new two year warranty with no hassle.

Nearly a year later, the new machine contracted the exact same electronic controller death. Once again, I had the machine replaced with no hassles and a new two year warranty.

Soon after the second replacement, I received a French press for Christmas. Many say that a French press makes the best coffee, and I must say it is very good. It does take longer to make the coffee. So I continued using my Solo for the quick mugs. I estimate my Solo brews to be about half of that prior to getting the French press. With 50% usage, it took almost two years for the second Solo replacement unit to encounter the electronic controller death. Obviously, there is an electronic problem with these coffee brewers that is very predictable.

This time, when I spoke to Starbucks Warranty Service, they gave me an option to get a new unit or receive my money back. Not wanting to live through another death, I chose the latter option, and now I am in the market for another "one cup" brewer. I'm not excited with the pods or X-ring options because of the limiting coffee selections and the price per cup. I would rather grind my own beans at brew time.

Moral to the Solo story: If you are looking for a machine that ultimately does not cost you any money, because Starbucks will keep replacing it, then gives your money back when you're finished using it, the Barista Aroma Solo is for you!

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Oct 02, 2021
Solo Bogo
by: Anonymous

Dude: I've had mine for years! The secret? Don't put it in the dishwasher...

Oct 02, 2021
by: Anonymous

Need to Starbucks Barista Aroma solo Stainless Steel Tumbler 16oz RED

Jan 24, 2018
by: Anonymous

These units are pretty reliable. If yours fails repeatedly, you may be doing something wrong, like washing it under the faucet?? Water is added to the tank in the rear, the tank is not removable. I do not believe the unit can be disassembled for repair. The key to using these is to remove the small spring loaded cutoff lever at the bottom so you can use any 16 oz mug. I do not know why Sbux discontinued these other than they work so well, they might have been hurting in-store sales.

Oct 26, 2014
Great single 16oz cup coffee maker NEW
by: azcoyote

I just scored a Barista Aroma Solo Coffee maker at a garage sale and it looks like I will like the convenience of the insulated cup. For every day stay home couple cups of coffee in the morning I also have a Farberware two cup coffee maker. It makes up to 24 oz. of coffee at a time and does it well. It also keeps the second cup hot. I could live with one or the other, but owning both allows me a choice.

Sep 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I own an 8 cup version of this coffee maker and love it. I just bought a used Solo.

My question is this- does the Solo version come with a removable water reservoir like the bigger model or do you simply put the water into the "tank"?

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